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Even in the Era of Digital Marketing, Why Does Print Still Play a Crucial Role?

Even in the Era of Digital Marketing, Why Does Print Still Play a Crucial Role?

All brands compete for consumer attention; print marketing is an important component of any omnichannel marketing strategy. Although it may sound dated, it allows businesses to reach consumers in unique and memorable ways. You should implement this timeless technique into your marketing campaign by contacting the best online printing company in Canada. Let's find out why print marketing is still essential in this digital era.

Stronger Recall

Hundreds of digital ads are launched daily, making it hard for consumers to recall what they have seen. So if you want to have a strong impact, your marketing strategy must be memorable. Good online printing in Canada will help consumers remember your brand message. Studies show that more people recall brand names from print advertising than from digital ads.

Authentic Connection

Receiving products with a beautiful print is a huge mood booster. It helps build authentic connections with customers. Receiving a gift or a specifically branded mailer for your customers will show that you care about them.

How to Make Your Prints Stand Out?

Textured Elements

You can help your print message pop out by adding bold fonts and colourful flyers. But adding textured elements will be a game changer if you want to make a lasting impact. Since the sensation of touch can imprint memories in our brains, customers will have an easier time recalling the print material with a unique feel.

QR Codes

Adding QR codes to your marketing materials can create an omnichannel marketing experience. Scanning the QR code can direct them to product pages, informational videos and anything you want them to explore.


Remember that customers want an experience that is tailor-made for them. They prefer working with companies that personalize customer service. Personalization is an upcoming trend in the print marketing space. Personalized mugs or kits can help the recipient feel like they are actually cared for.

Staying Relevant

Although a useful marketing technique, print advertising should not be used alone. It is important to connect with customers across multiple channels. Adding hashtags, QR codes, and short URLs can drive online traffic and elevate your marketing efforts. Ensure you use the right printing techniques to grab your customers' attention.

Use the Best Print Finishes

  • Foil Stamping includes using a heated metal die and foil stamping machine to add a metallic finish to the print. It gives a hint of glamour and has a futuristic appeal.

  • Embossing: this technique uses a pair of dies to create raised design elements or reliefs on sheets of is often used for business cards, certificates, stationery, invitations, postcards, brochures, etc.

  • Die Cuts: using this technique, any shape can be incorporated into your print materials to add dimension and function. It uses custom-shaped blades to cut out a shape.

  • Custom Folds: this is a low-cost way of adding dimension and interactivity to your prints. Folds can be integrated to create a reveal effect.

Stay Unique

Print marketing approaches can help your brand stand out from the rest of the competition. It can give your business a chance to engage customers memorably. So look out for the best printing services online to create high-quality printing material.

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