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Best Print Finishes to Consider for Your Marketing Items

Best Print Finishes to Consider for Your Marketing Items

Print marketing is all about grabbing people's attention. No businesses want to be forgotten among the masses or want their business card to end up at the bottom of the stack. Hence, it is essential that you think about creative print marketing ideas concerning their designs and print finishes. A little extra touch can do a lot to grab someone's attention and make the difference to your brand. So here is a list of some appealing print finishes you can consider when you order prints online in Canada that you can incorporate into your marketing items.


Embossing is a traditional technique that uses a pair of dies to create raised design elements or reliefs on papers. You can order prints online in Canada that offer these designs to create a three-dimensional effect. Embossed printing is often used for professional print media like stationary, business cards, and certificates. Such print finish adds texture to various items like invitations, postcards, brochures, etc. Embossing finishes are versatile; you can choose from various edge effects like curved, straight, or sloped edges. The print can also be integrated with multiple embossed layers in a single design. You can also combine embossing print with foil stamping for added visual intrigue.

Foil Stamping

This is a great way of making your print marketing materials stand out. Foil stamping is a print process that uses a heated metal die and a foil stamping machine in order to add a metallic finish to your printed material. Line art or gold or silver lettering can add a hint of glamor. You may also add a holographic foil for fun and futuristic appeal. Foil stamping is highly recommended for creating crisp lines like lettering and larger design elements rather than smaller ones. You can use vibrant colors to make your message pop.

Die Cuts

This printing process uses custom-shaped blades to cut any shape into the print material. Die cutting adds dimension and function to the print. It can be used for outlining your logo on a brochure. You can overlay the design on a contrasting page to make it more distinctive. Die cutting can also be used to cut out any shape on your business card to make it more tactile, create an interactive slide and reveal card, or make functional cuts for door hangers. Using die-cutting for your print marketing materials can help you stand out from your competition, thus making your brand more memorable.


Lamination is your answer if you want a consistent and professional print finish. It can add durability to the print material. Liquid laminate or UV coating comprises a transparent liquid coating that can be applied to paper and cured. This forms a thin, durable coating. Lamination can protect your print materials from scratches, fingerprints, and scuffing and make them sun and moisture-resistant. You can choose from a high gloss or matte finish lamination to enhance the color and quality of your design. These options add a soft feel to your print material and are great for high-touch prints like brochures, business cards, menus, posters, and signs.

Find the Right Print Finish

These are some of the best print finishes you can use for your print marketing campaign or brand materials. Find an online printing service that can understand your needs and suggest the best print finishes to benefit you.

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