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Best Tips for Designing and Printing Business Cards

Best Tips for Designing and Printing Business Cards

Having premium business cards is important when trying to advance your professional career or make sales. Your business card should be designed correctly to represent the image you want to portray of your company or personal brand. Remember that your card is one tie a potential customer will have with your company. So, if you want them to remember you, keep these things in mind when designing and printing business cards in Ottawa.

Keep the Design Simple

Stick to minimal information. This has two benefits: one, it will make your card easier to read; two, it will make the information easier to remember. Most of the time, it is unnecessary to include your office, cell direct line, and fax number all on one card. Just pick the phone number you want people to reach you on and remove the others when printing business cards in Ottawa. Having too many numbers will confuse the customers and result in them moving on to your competition.

Placing social media icons or symbols is often enough to tell people where to find you on social media. It is not necessary to type out all the handles for each site. People can tell you are on this platform just by looking at the icons. They can easily enter your name into the search bar to find you easily.

If most of your business is being handled online, most of your employees are working remotely, and if you do not want people to come to your office physically, take the address off the card. That will also help to clean up the clutter and save room on the card. Try to stick to one or two fonts. Putting more will make them hard to read, making the card look busy. Keep the fonts simple and avoid stylized fonts or scripts to make the information more clear.

Card Size

The standard size for business cards is 3.5X2 inches. However, you may also go for 2X2 or 2.5X2.5 inches. These options will help you be a little different from your competition. Selecting the right business card size can help you create a great impression.

Utilize the Space

One of the most common mistakes people make when printing their business cards is putting a lot of additional information all on one side. Two-sided cards are almost the same price as one-sided cards. So consider the second side of the card as well, even if it is only your logo. This could be an excellent way to introduce yourself.

In case you have a lot of contact information, you can add it on the other side. You can separate it by putting your web or physical address with the logo on one side. You may also add a smaller logo on the contact information side in order to free up space and make it less cluttered.

Match the Paper to Your Card Design

Pick a paper that best fits your business. If you sell organic products, go for uncoated paper. If you have other business, you can go for glossy plastic business cards.

Bottom Line

With so many options for designing and printing business cards, it is easy to get overwhelmed. But stick to the basics and consider the type of business you have and the type of products you sell or services you offer. It will make the process much easier.

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