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Metallic Foil

Want to make an impact in the business world with classy and shiny business cards? Take a look at our foil business cards in Toronto, which allow the addition of gold or silver foil on the front or on both sides. The incredible designs that you find on our website for these will not be possible with any other type of business cards.

Shimmering Business Card Designs

Gold and silver foils that shimmer in different light conditions provide unique appearances when viewed from different angles. Different patterns of matte lamination are available on our website. The physical quality of these cards ensures that their quality appears reassuring when held in the hands.  Therefore, the next time you wish to convey the values of luxury and prestige for your business, be sure to purchase foil business cards Toronto.

Some of the top qualities of our printed foil business cards are as follows:

  • Smooth Surface
  • Soft Touch Matt Finish
  • Premium Thickness

Quality of Print is Most Important

We understand that you as a customer will always find quality of print as the most important factor for purchasing from us. This is exactly the most important parameter for us in terms of customer satisfaction remains quality, and we adhere to the standards.