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Why Companies Should Still Use Direct Mail for Marketing

Why Companies Should Still Use Direct Mail for Marketing

If you are in need of printing services, one of the biggest reasons companies often need them is to succeed with marketing their brands or products. While it’s great that you are looking to design collateral like business cards, brochures, and websites, the one collateral that many companies overlook today is direct mail.

Regular paper mail is often disregarded today as an obsolete way to communicate. People find it faster, cheaper, and with less effort to send emails. However, direct mail is still very important for businesses to take advantage of, and it can be done by one of the best printing companies Toronto has to offer.

What Makes Direct Mail Worth Sending

As just stated, email takes minimal effort to create, which is why many people prefer it over direct mail. However, the recipient can take just as much effort to delete the mail as the sender does to write it. More often than not, recipients receive email from companies, and whether they think it is legitimate or suspicious, it is all spam to them. Oftentimes, they do not care to read it solely because of the nature of email.

Direct mail on the other hand is a physical form of mail that has been around since at least 255 BC. Unlike email, the recipient cannot simply “delete” it. Direct mail needs to physically be opened in order for the recipient to find out what your company and products are all about. The physical nature allows companies to pitch their products, services, or ideas to people with as much paper as they feel they need.

Letters, documents, business cards, and other forms of promotion can be carried by recipients to their desks, computers, placed inside bags, shared with other people, etc. It is proven to be a very versatile type of mail that recipients can refer to when they need it. While email can be viewed on a smartphone or computer, the paper that letters and cards are made of just makes direct mail more convenient to both read and save for later.

The sealed envelope is considered another advantage direct mail has over emails. Enveloped can be designed professionally to show your brand colors, messages, and other assets. The envelope can also be personalized to speak out to the recipient directly and address a concern that he or she might be having. All this can be done to intrigue the recipient and get him or her to open the envelope.

Emails on the other hand are very limited in terms of first impressions. Before opening an email, the only thing for recipients to observe is the subject line. WIth a subject that sounds like another empty sales pitch and without vivid graphics and personalization to accompany it, it is very difficult for companies to write subject lines that really convince recipients.

While email is a fast and cheap way to send messages to recipients, direct mail can be created to ensure your messages aren’t ignored or discarded easily. If you are not finding much success with email marketing, consider adding direct mail to your marketing materials in order to find more leads. In fact, direct mail can also be used to convince recipients to sign up to receive newsletters, so you can be assured that your emails won’t be ignored.


Direct male is an overlooked means of marketing. This type of mail cannot be discarded easily, and can be customized to feature your brand presentation and look appealing to recipients to open. Consider direct mail as a means to generate more leads.

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