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Poster Printing for Businesses: A ‘How-To’ Guide

Poster Printing for Businesses: A ‘How-To’ Guide

Posters are a versatile form of advertising that have been used for decades. They continue to be an efficient marketing tool for events and businesses, whether it is for promoting a new product, event or service. Creating a visually appealing poster from the best poster printing service in Toronto can grab attention, increase visibility, and generate interest. Let us see some essential tips to consider when printing business posters.

Customising the Posters

There are a few things to remember when designing customised printed posters. Determine whether you want to design the artwork from scratch or need to hire a graphic artist. So before you jump to the conclusion, you can make use of the resources available at the poster printing service in Toronto to make first-class poster creation possible for anyone.

Creation Software

Making use of online design and publishing tools to provide you with ideas and inspiration. Some software applications also allow you to create professional-looking custom signs and posters.

Determine the Poster Size

Business posters are available in sizes like A4, A3, ARCH C, and ARCH D. Ensure that when you create the image, it will scale and print properly on the correct size.

Print Media Materials

Since there is a very large range of materials that can be used to print your posters, this is where most people get confused about poster printing. Photo paper, heavyweight paper, canvas, and vinyl are some options you have. Your specific need of use will decide the right on paper for the job.


Many older CMYK printers used water-based dye ink, which is very volatile to the external elements and will begin to break down quickly once exposed to UV light and oxygen, thus fading the poster. So, this could be an issue if your sign needs to be displayed for an extended period; basic 4-ink plotters may not give the colour space required as they have a very limited colour gamut that they can produce. So if you want to use the posters for longer-term signage, you should ask for late, eco-solvent or U-gel prints.

Some Other Tips for Eye-Catching Poster Printing

  • Use colours that pop: Vibrant colours can catch people’s attention and make the poster stand out. You may incorporate contrasting colours to make the message bold and memorable.
  • Keep it Simple: A cluttered poster can be difficult to read. So, keep the message clear and concise and use simple imagery to support it.
  • Make it readable: use easy-to-read prints that can be read from a distance. Clear serif, or sans serif, and bold typography can work well.
  • Use high-quality images: Use only high-quality images relevant to your message, and avoid using low-resolution or pixelated photos. It can make your poster appear unprofessional.

To Summarise

Selecting the right poster printing service will ensure your business poster gets the attention it deserves. There are many things to consider when choosing how to print a poster. Ensure you start with a high-quality printable file and determine what materials are needed to produce signs for your specific applications.

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