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Business Cards Trending Designs That Can Help You  Stay Unique

Business Cards Trending Designs That Can Help You Stay Unique

Business cards are one of the most crucial assets for marketing a business. They are the first impression you give to your potential customers. So, to make an incredible first impression on people, here are the top trending business card designs that can help you create the best business cards in the city of Ottawa.

Statement Cards

These are the types of cards that have conversations in them and are a great way to brand your business. Such designs allow you to invite your prospects more personally. For such a template of your business cards in Ottawa, you may add a simple greeting paired with your contact information. Look at it as if you are conversing with the recipient by designing it with eye-catching visuals mixed up with typography.

Die-Cut Cards

You can make your card stand out from the rest by cutting out a shape. You can request the printing services to cut out the space you want. A die-cut card can make you unique from your competitors.


The designs of these cards are meant to be witty. They usually have visual puns related to the industry or individual. So, if your target market is young adults, anti-cards can be a great choice since they are funny and eye-catching. This design plays with the imagination and understanding of the recipient.

Wrapping the Card

Think about your card's coverage and decide whether you want it to have a design on one side or both. You can allow a particular aesthetic line to reach the back of your card, which does not need to contain any information. But make sure that the design wraps around the card.

Painted Edges

If you do not want to see plain white or black when stacking your business cards, you can use a bright colour surrounding the wedges. It will give you a great look for framing your card and give you a distinct edge over your competition. You can use various colour schemes that suit your business card design.

Sandwiched Text

These card designs mix lines and typography. The typography is between or under the lines, whether the card is in portrait or landscape. Such designs give the card a professional yet fun way to direct the eyes to the card. It also adds texture, especially if you want the card to look like a poster. You may also add other elements to your typography if you want to spice up your design.

Adding Plant Images

Your business card can be a great way to show your customers your concern about our earth, especially with the effects of pollution on land and water. Your card can leave an impression on the market and also have a long-term impact on fighting the effects of pollution by creating an eco-friendly design.

Contrast Design

These business card designs incorporate a colour palette on different sides of the spectrum, i.e., light and dark colours. Contrast designs can also combine other design trends but blend well together.

Summing Up

You can create the best business cards by incorporating these trending designs. You can even revamp your style or customize these designs on your own with the help of the best business card printing services.

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