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Amazing Business Cards Design Ideas for Make-Up Artists

Makeup businesses are thriving today. A wide variety of makeup products keep popping up. However, this phenomenon has also made the makeup industry a very saturated place for makeup artists. Most of them are looking for ways to rise above the crowd and create brand awareness among the numerous competitors in the industry. Though there are many online marketing techniques, like social media presence, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so is to hand out business cards. They are still relevant today and are able to lure in your target customers in ways that online means cannot.

So, instead of casually telling people about your contact details, which they can instantly forget, handing out business cards that contain all the information is a much better solution. Business cards can force people to take a look at what you offer, and they can probably visit your store and even book your service. So, what should a makeup artist's business card look like? This post will help you with the most creative business card printing in Canada so that you can present your list of services and contact information in a way that gives potential customers a glimpse of your creativity.

Makeup artists, whether they work in the salon or work independently, have to do proper marketing and branding to sell their service. This can be achieved by giving out business cards. The design of a makeup artist's business card will depend on the artist and the services they offer.


You can opt for a wide array of colours for makeup, traditionally feminine colours like red, pink, purple, and white. You can choose any type of colour, but make sure you stay away from boring monotones like grey, brown, and black.  


The kind of images you add to the business cards will be dictated by the services you offer. For instance, if you offer bridal makeup, you can opt for images of brides with full makeup and a bridal headdress. If you offer face-and-body painting makeup, the photos should showcase your creativity in body paints.
The work of a makeup artist is visual. The best way to showcase this is through imagery. So make sure you include high-quality images of your artistry on the business card. You can add a striking image that represents your signature style. The images should be high-resolution, professional quality, and well-lit, and they should accurately represent your makeup skills and styles. Rotate the images on the business card periodically to keep it fresh and showcase the variety of your work.

Font Designs

When it comes to font design, sans serif typefaces are a perfect option for a clear and modern look. But if you opt for decorative typefaces, ensure that they are legible and copyright-free. Remember that some of these are custom-made for other brands, and you could get in trouble. Include the name, specific makeup service you offer, contact numbers, website, location, and social media pages.

Wrapping Up

Giving out well-designed and creative business cards can be highly beneficial for makeup artists. However, it would help if you made sure that the cards have all the essential elements that showcase your artistry to attract potential customers.

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