Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Printed T-Shirts for Your Business

If you want to get T-shirts printed for your business, you have reached the right place. We have listed a few common mistakes to be careful about when ordering customized print T-shirts from a printing company in Toronto.

Using the Wrong Method

You will be given the option to choose the printing technique for your customized T-shirts. Screen printing and digital printing allow printing orders of any size. Choose a printing company in Toronto that will enable you to know exactly what you are getting so you have more control over your order. You can check for a price quote for both methods using a quote calculator and compare the expenses in question.

Know that screen printing will give you larger bulk discounts for high-quantity orders. However, you must also use the number of colours in your design when calculating your quote. It is a better printing option for larger orders and designs with fewer colours.

On the other hand, digital printing allows you to order with no minimum quantity. This means that you can even order a single shirt with this technique. Digital printing also has a flat price regardless of the number of colours in your design. However this technique may not be efficient for larger quantities as it is limited to small orders with complex or photographic designs.

Not Considering Other Apparel Options

Many apparel options include tank tops, hoodies, and ladies' styles. Most people choose cotton T-shirts as they are the cheapest and most generic option, perfect for those looking for something modern and interesting. If you want something unique, stylish, lightweight and super soft, you can opt for a baseball tee, and if you are looking for a popular option that is super comfortable, you can go for a pullover hoodie. But before deciding, consider what is important to you and get enough information about each product type.

Using Low-Quality Images

Uploading high-quality images is extremely important if you are using your own logos and artwork. Low-quality images cannot be printed well. So check out the requirements to upload good images and the best practices to do so. Ensure that your image is large enough to get a stunning print.

You may know that images are made of pixels, which are tiny squares that can be seen when you zoom in on the image. So, smaller images will have fewer pixels, and larger ones will have more. The ideal image for T-shirt printing will be 150 pixels per inch. Giving a tiny image will result in a blurry and blocky print.

Designs with Too Much Complexity

A complicated design will not translate directly to t-shirt printing and needs to be simplified. This issue mostly arises for screen-printed designs. Remember that the print artist has to create digital files with each colour in your design that are separated into individual layers. Hence, a recreation of the design on the screen printing press should be feasible where the colours can be printed individually.

So if your design is made of photographs, has too many different colours, or uses many different logos with their own set of colours, the design will be too complex to print using the screen printing method. Complicated designs also do not look good when printed.

Remember these Things

Awareness of these mistakes can keep your order moving as quickly as possible and give you the best results. Look for a printing company that can help you make the best decisions.

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